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Tienda para el consumidor
Mayorista sanitario

Conexiones posibles

  • Calefacción
  • Climatización
  • Boila
Propulsiones verticales y horizontales: 15 ft 150 ft

Condensate water from condensing boilers, HVAC systems and water heater systems has the potential to cause property damage or even create health hazards that can affect indoor air quality. Many times, the condensate is not able to drain through gravity to an existing drain line. This is the reason a condensate pump is essential to many residential and commercial applications.
The SANICONDENS is one of the most powerful pumps in the market with standard features that no competitor can match. A unique stylish design prevails over other models in its class. A standard safety switch along with an incorporated check valve and its distinctive design makes the SANICONDENS the logical choice for removal of condensate from air conditioners and high-efficiency gas furnaces

Temperatura admisible de las aguas usadas (°F) 160
Dimensiones H6 5/8" ; W9 1/2" ; D 5 5/8"
Evacuación horizontal (ft) 150
Evacuación vertical (ft) 15
Diámetro de evacuación recomendado 3⁄8'' vinyl tubing

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