10 good reasons to install a Saniflo bathroom in the basement… or anywhere else

Blog 02/07/2006

10 good reasons to install a Saniflo bathroom in the basement… or anywhere else

EDISON, NEW JERSEY (FEBRUARY 7, 2006) — Americans will spend nearly $160 billion on household improvements and repairs this year, according to Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies. Many of those repairs will boost the resale value of their homes, but bathroom additions remain one of the best values. A new report by the National Association of Realtors® and Remodeling Magazine shows that adding a mid-range bathroom is a very solid investment, helping homeowners recoup more than 85 percent of the cost at resale. 

“If a bathroom addition is on your project list, consider above-floor plumbing from Saniflo – especially if you’re planning a basement remodel,” says Mike Coletto, an independent plumbing, HVAC and electrical contractor in Illinois with more than 15 years of residential plumbing experience. 

10 Good Reasons

“Saniflo is a super alternative to conventional plumbing, and it makes installing a basement bath a snap.” With Saniflo’s above-floor plumbing, known as “macerating” technology, homeowners can skip the hassle, mess and high cost of plumbing renovation, and install a spare bath anywhere they choose in their homes — even below the sewage line — without digging. The fixtures can be installed right atop finished floors: in a basement, attic, garage or spare bedroom; even under a stairway or inside a closet. Coletto says there are 10 very good reasons why he recommends his customers choose Saniflo above-floor plumbing:

1. High-quality convenience: “Saniflo’s technology is different but the end result is excellent. Properly sized, the system can handle all the fixtures in a bathroom, including the sink, shower and tub as well as the toilet. Saniflo’s most popular model works up to 12 feet below and as far as 150 feet away from a septic tank or sewer line.”

2. Flexibility: “What’s ideal about Saniflo plumbing is that it can go where traditional plumbing can’t, so my customers can choose the location rather than having construction dictate it.”

3. Smart solution: “Conventional plumbing requires digging up concrete floors to install a drain. Instead of routing flush water through a drain in the floor, Saniflo plumbing moves it to a macerating pump, located behind the toilet, either in front of or behind the wall. Inside, a fast-rotating blade liquefies waste and toilet paper, which is then released under pressure through small-diameter piping to the sewer or septic tank. Saniflo is a good solution to plumbing challenges.”

4. Convenience: “No special maintenance is necessary, and the pump is sealed for life. It will outlive the toilet. And since no digging is needed, the technology also makes it possible to add a temporary spare bathroom if a customer needs a short-term sick room or a suite for in-laws, nannies, etc.”

5. Space savings: “A lot of times customers think they don’t have room to add a bathroom. But Saniflo bathrooms can be installed in tight spaces, like underneath a stairway or even inside a good-sized closet.”

6. Time savings: “Opening a hole in the concrete can add three days to a bathroom addition. I can install an entire Saniflo system in about half a day. That saves my customers time and money.”

7. Environmentally friendly: “These are modern systems that meet code. All Saniflo toilets are low-consumption, and one model can be used with any brand toilet on the market. Another uses as little as one gallon per flush.”

8. Peace and quiet: “Unlike traditional plumbing, my customers don’t have to deal with jackhammers and the mess of blasting through concrete floors. Saniflo sits right on top of any floor.”

9. Economy: “When I install Saniflo’s above-floor technology in a basement bathroom, the greatly reduced labor costs help save my customers a lot of money. That keeps the homeowner happy, and that’s important to me.”

10. Value: “Thanks to their high quality, low cost and superior installation flexibility, Saniflo systems are a very economical way to improve virtually any home with the addition of a bathroom.”

SFA SANIFLO INC. is the only manufacturer of its kind in North America, offering a complete line of macerating toilet systems for residential and commercial applications. Saniflo markets through independent sales agents throughout North America, and the product line is currently available at more than 500 distributor locations in the United States and Canada.

For more information about SANIFLO, call 1-800-571-8191. Or visit the Saniflo website at www.saniflo.com.

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