Add a Bar and More with Saniswift

Press releases 04/09/2019

Add a Bar and More with Saniswift

The Saniswift from SFA Saniflo, one of the most petite and stylish gray water pumping systems available, has undergone several modifications to speed its installation. The pump simplifies remodeling jobs that would feature the addition of a new kitchen, bar, bath or utility area. Half the size of comparable pumps in its class, the Saniswift is shipped fully assembled, with its gray water pump tucked inside its covered, bucket-shaped container, ready for immediate installation. About the size of a small wastebasket, the compact Saniswift pump is an ideal, above-floor plumbing solution where no below-floor drainage exists.

 The Saniswift will pump wastewater away from a kitchen, laundry or bar sink; a shower or a bathroom sink; a washing machine (indirect connection) or a dishwasher. Equipped with three, 1-1/2-inch inlets – two on the bottom and one on top – the Saniswift can remove up to 24 gallons of waste water per minute (depending on discharge-line length) from three separate plumbing fixtures. The compact unit with its smooth, rounded contours slips neatly and attractively into tight spaces where other pumps, with their bulkier commercial designs, can neither fit nor look as good.

 “The Saniswift can be installed in a wide variety of locations in the home,” Saniflo CEO Regis

Saragosti says, “including a loft or an attic; an upper floor or the ground floor; a basement, a laundry room or even a garage that’s being converted into living or working space.”

The three new design enhancements, shown above, are as follows:

A — A 1-1/2-inch x 1-1/2-inch rubber coupling is now provided for the vent connection at the top of the unit.

B — Both the left and right top inlets are now shipped pre-opened, and the factory also provides a plug to cap either inlet. But only one plug is furnished to alert installers that one of these inlets should be used for venting, as required by local plumbing codes.

C — The two side inlets, for handling waste from a second and third fixture, now come assembled and in position to be readily adapted to the rubber, 1-1/2-inch x 2-inch coupling provided by the factory. Two inlet plugs are also shipped with the unit in case one or both of these inlets are not needed for drainage.

 Introduced in 2009, the fully automatic SANISWIFT drains swiftly through one-inch plastic piping – versus 1.5 inches on competitive models – that runs entirely above the floor, either inside or outside the walls. This allows the pump to handle wastewater for up to three new plumbing fixtures where no below-floor drainage exists or is too costly to create.

The two side inlets help speed installation by reducing the height at which floor-level plumbing fixtures must sit to achieve proper drainage. These heights can be as high as 10 inches for pumps whose inlets are positioned at the top of the unit (eight or more inches above the floor surface), rather than at the bottom, like Saniswift’s. In fact, the Saniswift has the lowest pipe inlets available, at just 1-1/2 inches.

A one-third horsepower motor and a non-clogging impeller design allow the unit to pass laundry lint and other small solids up to 3/8-inches. No lint filter or screen needed, eliminating maintenance chores required by other pumps. The compact Saniswift can discharge effluent up to 14 feet vertically or 140 feet horizontally – or a combination of both. (A vertical run of 3 feet is equal to a horizontal run of 30 feet.) Other important features include a built-in, factory installed check valve; and a quiet operation whose noise level is comparable to that of a conventional toilet flushing. 

The Saniswift carries a list price of $264 and has been certified for plumbing and electrical use in the United States (UL 788) and Canada (CSA C22.2). Saniflo offers a 24-month warranty on the Saniswift, including all electrical components. 


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