Easy to Install Neutralizing Condensate Pump!

Blog 06/10/2020

Easy to Install Neutralizing Condensate Pump!

 Sanicondens Best Flat is simple to install. The 2-in-1 condensate pump is the single, compact, quiet, space-saving, environmentally friendly solution for today’s ultra-high-efficiency condensing solution.


As one of the most powerful and quiet condensate pumps on the market with standard features that no competitor can match, this three and a half -quart capacity condensate pump comes equipped with all the necessary hardware for easy installation.

Including the hardware for wall mounting and the supplies need to connect the pump to multiple applications. Capable of neutralizing and pumping condensate up to 500,000 BTU from multiple connections including condensing boilers, HVAC systems, water heater systems, etc.

  • The Sanicondens Best Flat has a simple to connect discharge line. The impeller inside the Sanicondens Best Flat moves the condensate through a flexible 3/8” vinyl hose to a PVC discharge pipe. The product provides a 20 feet of vinyl hose that connects to the discharge line, using a 3/8-inch barbed x 3/4-inch male-end plastic reducer, also included with the system.
  • The factory installs a non-return check valve to the unit, to ease the installation process, as well as save you both time and money. The discharge hose connects to a non-return check valve built into the unit, keeping water from flowing back inside and reactivating the pump. This factory-installed valve saves technicians time and extra expense on the job site.
  •  The pump has a ready-to-wire connection for an overflow external alarm. This alarm is quick and easy to connect with the pump and will alert the customer, in the case of the water level inside the pump, somehow rose to high. It will also shut down the appliance to stop any more damage from occurring. 
  •  The following are also included with the Sanicondens Best Flat box:
  1. First bag of neutralizing pellets for your use
  2. Inlet adapter
  3. Discharge Adapter

Certified for U.S. and Canada: The Sanicondens Best Flat is certified by CSA International for use in both the United States and Canada. Saniflo warranties the pump, including all electrical components, for three years.


  • Dimensions (inches): H 6-3/4″; W 15-7/8″; D 5-7/16″
  • Motor Type: Induction
  • Voltage: 115-120
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 86 gallons per hour
  • Horsepower: 1/30 HP
  • Maximum fluid temperature: 160°F
  • Automatic for maintenance-free operation
  • Includes a 61-1/2 in. power cord for easy installation


If you have any questions or concerns, you can always call our technical hotline at 800-571-8191 to find out which of our products would work best. Or you can send an email to sfasales@saniflo.com with details on your installation.