Homeowner finds outdoor plumbing solution to add nearby BR for backyard oasis

Case Studies 10/30/2022

Homeowner finds outdoor plumbing solution to add nearby BR for  backyard oasis

Bath and shower enclosures, coupled with Saniflo above-floor plumbing systems, are making outdoor facilities simpler and more affordable for residential and commercial applications.


SUMTER COUNTY, FLORIDA — Nestled in the heart of Florida between two coastlines, travel ports, and theme parks is a collection of quaint neighborhoods called The Villages.

Lisa Vari, a homeowner within the community, loves her backyard oasis, constructed of an oversized lanai patio space, lush greenery, and an inground pool. Because she enjoys sharing the space with others, Lisa hosts, on average, three water volleyball events per week with 12 or more people, plus the occasional party, entertaining as many as 25 people at a time.

But in hosting friends and family in her lavish, outdoor space, she soon realized having a bathroom nearby would be very convenient, if not an outright necessity — especially since it would eliminate the need for guests to walk through her home to use the facilities. After researching, she discovered she could install a “ToddPod” in her backyard.

So, what’s a ToddPod?

Coupled with a Saniflo above-floor plumbing system, a ToddPod is a modular outdoor bath-and-shower enclosure that makes outdoor facilities simpler and more affordable for the average American consumer. The Farmingdale, NJ-based company that goes by the same name creates shower stalls and bathrooms in various models and configurations.

Lisa sought an outdoor bathroom enclosure that could accommodate heavy usage, yet keep the design of her backyard relaxing and beautiful. After learning more about ToddPod’s Cabana model, which features a shower, toilet, and sink, Lisa knew it would meet her needs.


Of course, these enclosures need a way to handle plumbing drainage without going the traditional, below-floor route — or, in Lisa’s case, below-ground. ToddPod owner Todd Leatherman says the simplest solution is the above-floor plumbing technology from Saniflo.

“Our outdoor shower enclosures could not exist without Saniflo’s above-floor plumbing product,” he explains. “It makes installing a bathroom anywhere simple and affordable.”

ToddPod’s outdoor enclosures are built to accommodate the Sanicubic 1 grinding system, coupled with a round-front toilet bowl made of vitreous china. The actual drainage is not built into the enclosure but installed later by a contractor or plumber hired by the customer.

The one-horsepower Sanicubic 1 grinding system handles wastewater from the toilet, as well as a sink and shower inside the outdoor enclosure. The effluent enters the unit, where it is quickly reduced to a slurry before being pumped away through a discharge pipe with a maximum vertical run of 36 vertical feet and/or a maximum horizontal run of 328 feet to a drain line.

For Lisa’s application, ToddPod chose the heavy-duty grinder for its ability to handle the accidental flushing of sanitary articles, such as feminine products, baby wipes, dental floss, etc. Installer Michael Martin — a local plumber for Village Plumber who set up the ToddPod and its plumbing at Lisa’s residence — positioned the Sanicubic 1 at the back of the enclosure and above ground.

Martin used two of the four inlets on the unit. A 4-inch drain line, coming from the toilet, runs about 2 feet at a slope before feeding into the side inlet. A second, 1.5-inch drain line, coming from the sink, runs about 2 feet before it feeds into the top inlet of the Sanicubic unit. The discharge line evacuates the waste through a 1.5-inch rigid pipe for less than 3 feet before it connects to the main line beneath the ground.


According to Martin, the entire installation, including running drainage lines from the fixtures, took only a day and a half to complete. Martin tested the system and says it is performing well. “ToddPod came with everything on the pallet to set it up,” he says, “so the Saniflo unit was easy to install.”

The new ToddPod allows Lisa to entertain her guests outside while keeping her home clean on the inside. Meanwhile, ToddPod continues to install Saniflo products in its enclosures, providing its customers with a highly affordable, alternative solution to conventional plumbing. “We had a perfect spot to set up the Toddpod with the Saniflo pump and the installation process went very smoothly,” says Lisa. “Whether it’s large or small numbers of pool guests, it’s great not to have to enter my home to use the bathroom.”



SFA SANIFLO U.S.A. – whose parent company originated macerating plumbing technology — offers a complete line of waste and drainage pumping systems for residential and commercial applications. Saniflo developed its innovative, “above-floor plumbing” technology more than a half-century ago and has led its commercialization worldwide. Today, the company markets macerating technology through 24 subsidiaries in 50 countries and has sold more than seven million units worldwide since 1958. Saniflo markets through independent sales agents throughout North America, and the product line is currently available at distributor and dealer locations throughout the United States and Canada.

For more information, contact Saniflo at 1-800-571-8191. Or visit the Saniflo website at saniflo.com.

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