Saving time and money with the Sanicom 2

Blog 04/01/2021

Saving time and money with the Sanicom 2

The construction of a commercial property is traditionally an expensive and lengthy project. Building owners and project managers search for any solutions that will spare them valuable time while lessening overall costs.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, especially when regarding plumbing drainage, look no further: The perfect commercial plumbing solution is now on the market. The Sanicom 2, a heavy-duty drain pump, was designed to handle the toughest commercial applications, as well as create time- and cost-savings throughout the entire installation process and beyond.

What is the Sanicom 2?

The Sanicom 2 is a one-of-a-kind duplex drain pump (photo) built for heavy-duty applications. The unit can handle gray water up to 194℉ from commercial sinks, dishwashers, washing machines, even hydroponic crop growing and industrial applications.

Smart-pump technology allows both pumps on the unit to work together simultaneously, making the Sanicom 2 ideal for restaurants, hotels, laundromats, and other commercial spaces that must cope with large volumes of water that can reach high temperatures on a regular basis.

The Sanicom 2 can move up to 140 gallons of fluid per minute, with both pumps automatically activating when the incoming flow rate exceeds that of a single pump. The innovative dual-motor

technology brings not only more pumping power to high-demand commercial applications, but also invaluable redundancy. If one motor requires servicing, the second serves as an essential backup, keeping operations going in the interim.

Decrease cost and time; increase reliability

Because the Sanicom 2 is specifically designed to handle tough commercial, gray-water pumping applications, building owners and managers can feel secure in the knowledge that the system can keep up with demand. In fact, to be in compliance with local plumbing codes, most commercial projects require a duplex system.

Similar to Saniflo’s entire line of above-floor plumbing products, users save time through a quick and easy installation process. The Sanicom 2 is able to handle multiple commercial applications making it the single ideal duplex drain pump solution for heavy duty appliances and fixtures.

For example, the two-inch inlets on either side of the Sanicom 2 are positioned closer to the floor than those found on conventional drain pumps. This reduces the height needed to achieve proper drainage, while also accelerating the entire installation process.

Saniflo’s Sanicom 2 is budget-friendly in other ways. The system is designed to keep maintenance — and unexpected costs — to a minimum. Its enclosure is made of rugged, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), engineered to resist corrosion from hot grease and harsh chemicals likely to be found in heavy-duty commercial applications.

But if servicing is needed at any point during or after installation, users have ready access to the two motors, electrical components, pressure-level switches and dip tubes. All of it can be easily removed for quick troubleshooting.

New commercial-drainage projects need not be an intimidating feat. With a reliable, above-floor plumbing solution from an established, trustworthy manufacturer, owners can run their businesses worry-free of spending too much time and money on ineffective drainage methods.

Interested in learning more about how the Sanicom 2 can benefit your tough commercial applications? Contact the experts at Saniflo today!