The SFA Group is adopting a new visual identity

News , Press releases 02/04/2020

The SFA Group is adopting a new visual identity

For more than 60 years, SFA Group companies have been working together to provide professional and private customers with ever-improving sanitary equipment for their everyday lives. They provide them with much more than technological knowledge and expertise, by offering inventive, reliable solutions that are simple to implement.

This is the very hallmark of the SFA Group!

It was this attitude and approach that brought about the release of the first macerating pump system in 1958. A brilliant idea that continues to revolutionize interior design around the world. This expertise in pumping solutions has been put to use for many years, providing invaluable assistance across a wide variety of sectors. Alongside this, the Group has embarked on external growth operations which have enriched its portfolio of brands (Europelec, Kinedo, Grandform, Watermatic ...)  which enabled it to penetrate new markets. The recent acquisition of Zehnder Pumpen also proves symbolic of this growth strategy.  

The SFA Group now has four areas of activity: 

Domestic pumping solutions,

Professional pumping solutions,

Equipment for showers and whirlpool bathtubs,

Water treatment.

The time has come to capitalize on the strength of these multiple brands by uniting them under one banner, and to send a strong message that they belong to the same Group. To illustrate this major milestone in its history and showcase its ambitions, the SFA Group is now adopting a new visual identity. 

This new visual language is more than a simple style guide change as it creates an impact by  conveying the stature of a global group, established in nearly 30 countries and a powerful and essential operator in the sanitary, bathroom, industrial pumps and water treatment markets. A brand that remains unique, much stronger and even more attractive. 

The acronym SFA remains the central element of this new identity, presented in a more impactful way that is more recognizable and memorable to everyone. The proprietary typography plays with angles that are a nod to its scientific DNA, and reassuring curves representing the relationship that the brand has with its customers and partners.

For the first time in its history, the acronym SFA is paired with a symbol. The “double drip” is now an integral part of the branding. It brings to mind the Group's businesses: pumping symbolized by the ascending drop; showering and whirlpool bathtubs represented by the descending drop, hollowed out as if to express an air bubble, specific to whirlpool bathtubs.

The new logo has a bright blue color creating a link between its previous technology-focused identity and this new notion of conquering sectors oriented more towards well-being and comfort.

The historic value of the SFA name is now enhanced by its branding: "Shaking up water" 

A branding that gives resonance to the SFA brief, focusing on its main purpose of "Designing and manufacturing domestic and professional solutions wherever water flows and its discharge". It represents the unique way in which SFA uses inventiveness in the design of its product offering. Inventiveness is a trademark value of the SFA Group, combining creativity, a pragmatic and clever approach that enables it to find and offer simple yet cutting-edge solutions. The evidence of this is the Saniaccess 3, Sanicubic Sanicompact, the Air system in whirlpool bathtubs, the mounting systems for showers and so much more. Through its strong brands, its design and industrial expertise in pumps and sanitary solutions (bathrooms), the SFA Group is poised and ready to roll out a unique wellness-based approach across all markets throughout the world.