Think your home won’t fit a laundry room? Think again!

Blog 09/18/2020

Think your home won’t fit a laundry room? Think again!

If you’ve been dreaming about installing a laundry? But thought that your dream may never become reality, read on! We might have the solution for you.

There are many reasons to want a laundry at home. Whether it is because you are tired of going to the laundromat with heavy bags of clothes, or because you want to remove your washing machine from the bathroom in order to save space, you find yourself with the need to create a new laundry. It might not seem like you have any room left in the house, but what about your garage? Or how about that hall cupboard that’s full of stored items that don’t get used too much? It might be time to clear out that garage or cupboard and make way for your very own laundry!

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You can easily convert your garage or cupboard into a private laundry room and this configuration has many advantages: 

If your new laundry is in your garage, you won’t hear the washing machine noise, which means that you will be able to wash your clothes at night without being disturbed.

If you already had a washing machine in your kitchen or in your bathroom, this new configuration will save you space.

If you don’t currently have a washing machine, a proper laundry room will encourage you to own your own, saving you trips to the laundromat!

A separate laundry is quite appealing to new home buyers, so this is a profitable medium-term investment and something to keep in mind.

Link to Saniswift Product Page

Step 1 Evaluating the space

First of all, you have to choose where to install your laundry. We suggest using your private garage because it is often far enough from your living spaces, so the machines won’t bother you. However, you can choose any empty space of your house, even the smallest one! If you don’t have a garage, that unused cupboard would be perfect for a small, separate laundry.

Step 2 Converting the space

Building your own laundry can seem expensive or difficult, but it’s actually not! Meet Saniflo, the simple solution for creating new wet areas in your home. Saniflo’s pumps are fairly easy to install and can be used even if the room is located up to 140 feet from the sewerage or 14 ft under it!

Those are not the only advantages. For instance, Saniflo’s Sanivite product can be connected via (two) low 2 inch inlets, which spares the wall from needing to be ripped open for a typically larger sized pipe. It also means that you have more flexibility with where you want to place the pump. Because of the slim size, We recommend hiding the pump in a small cupboard under the sink, or against a wall. Saniflo’s pumps also mean that there is no need to break the floor, which saves you money and time! Although it is possible to install Saniflo’s products yourself, We would recommend contacting your local plumber to install it for you. Sometimes it is best to have a professional do the work as they will know exactly what to do!

Tip: As these pumps are really powerful, you can connect them with several items, such as a sink or a dishwasher

Step 3 Enjoying your laundry!

Once you have connected your washing machine and laundry sink to the pump, you can enjoy your laundry!

Saniflo’s pumps are the most silent of the market, so you will be able to do your laundry anytime and you can forget the trips to the laundromat!