2-in-1 condensate pump which neutralizes and pumps away condensate

  • Built-in neutralizer to raise pH levels for harsh HVAC applications
  • ↑ 15 Ft ↑ and/or ← 150 Ft →  
  • Equipped with all necessary hardware for easy installation


  • Air conditioner
  • Boiler

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The Sanicondens Best is a 2 in 1  condensate pump used to neutralize and pump condensate from condensing boilers, HVAC systems, water heater systems, etc. It is one of the most powerful and quiet condensate pumps on the market with standard features that no competitor can match. The Sanicondens Best will pump condensate waste up to 15 feet in height and/or 150 feet away from a soil stack.

Condensate has the potential to cause property damage or even create health hazards that can affect indoor air quality.  Many times, the condensate is not able to drain through gravity to an existing drain line.  This is the reason a condensate pump is essential to many residential and commercial applications.

In many applications, the condensate needs to be neutralized before it discharges into a sewer line.  Neutralized condensate prevents the corroding of drains and sewer systems while being more environmentally friendly.  New technology allows for the neutralizer and condensate pump to be built into one system creating a less expensive and space saving solution. 

The inside of the Sanicondens Best comprises of a float mechanism, which starts and stops the unit, and the motor, which drives the pump.

When the water enters the Sanicondens Best through any of the four top inlets, it activates the float mechanism, which in turn starts the motor.  A spindle/shaft drives the impeller and therefore the moving parts are kept to an absolute minimum.  Water enters the chamber and is pumped away into the sanitary sewer.  

The unit pumps the effluent upward to 15 feet and/or 150 feet horizontally (with gravity fall).  Once the water is discharged and the water level in the container goes down, the float deactivates the unit until water enters the unit again.  A normal operating cycle for the Sanicondens Best can be as short as 2 - 10 seconds depending upon the discharge pipe run configuration; power consumption is therefore minimal.

The discharge connection of the unit comes equipped with a non-return valve, which prevents back flow into the unit. 

It is also highly recommended for the condensate pump to be connected to a Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) circuit.

The powerful pumping unit can be floor or wall mounted.  It comes ready to install with connections to an external overflow, shut-off switch or alarm system.  It also includes all necessary hardware for ease of installation; 20 Ft of vinyl tubing, inlet adapter, discharge adapter and neutralizing granules.

The Sanicondens Best has been certified to American and Canadian Standards.  Electrical standard UL 788, CA:  Electrical standard CSA C22.2 

The Sanicondens Best (041) comes with the pump case only.

SANICONDENS Best datasheet

8 lbs.
Inlets (in)
1'' (top)
Power supply
120 V - 60 Hz
Noise level (measured at 3 ft.)
≤ 44 dBA
Horizontal discharge
150 ft
Vertical discharge
15 ft
Amperage (Amps)
1.5 Max
Operating maximum temperature
160 F°
Discharge pipe diameter
3/8 vinyl tubing
Tank volume
0.55 gallon
Method of activation
Discharge rate at 3 ft
86 GPH
Discharge rate at 15 ft
30 GPH
1/30 HP oil-filled thermally protected motor
Power cord length (in)
61 1/2
Normal running time
3-5 sec (short bursts)
Certifying agencies

Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth):

10” x 11-7/8” x 7-1/2”


  • Air conditioner
  • Boiler

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