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Boater Saves with Compact, Electric Marine Toilet

Case Studies 02/26/2019

Boater Saves with Compact, Electric Marine Toilet

KITTERY, ME (AUGUST 17, 2017) – An avid boater, Carmen Bossi faced an embarrassing problem anytime he entertained guests aboard his 29-foot Monterey cruiser, docked in Kittery, Maine.

“Whenever someone needed to use the bathroom, they could never figure out how to work the manual hand pump toilet, so I would have to show them,” explains Bossi. “It was awkward.”

One day, the inlet hose in the toilet snapped, giving Bossi a welcome excuse to replace the entire unit with something more user-friendly. He knew exactly what he wanted.


Bossi decided to install a compact marine toilet he had recently become familiar with. The Sanimarin MAXLITE is designed to replace manual hand pump toilets on all types of boats, integrating a macerating pump, an electronically activated toilet and a seawater pump into a single package, saving costs that would otherwise be spent on separate components. It promised to be a clean replacement and upgrade for Bossi’s manual toilet.

“When I heard about the MAXLITE, I realized it was the perfect solution for me,” says Bossi. “I was eager to replace my hand pump with an electronic switch, which would make it easier for myself and my guests to operate.”

Joshua Gile, service technician at Port Harbor Marine, was tasked with installing the MAXLITE on Bossi’s boat. Gile, who had never installed this particular unit before, found the task straightforward enough. “It was a perfect swap for Carmen’s old manual pump,” recalls Gile. “Everything lined up and fit into place nicely. It has a clean look and appears easy to maintain.” In fact, the unit is designed to quickly and easily replace a manual pump.

Gile installed the unit in under four hours, though it was his first time. Users can control water consumption with a two-position rocker switch that commands the unit either to add water with the built-in seawater pump, or to macerate and pump out waste. This function makes the unit eco-friendly, since it allows water and power consumption to be kept to a minimum. In Bossi’s application, seawater is pumped three feet into the unit and waste is macerated and pumped out of the unit across 20 feet to a holding tank.


Following the installation, Bossi has had no problems with the unit. “It’s been performing fantastically,” he says. “It’s much nicer-looking than the old toilet, operates quietly, especially with its soft-close seat, and is easy for everyone to use.”

Bossi also notes the savings gained by not having to install a separate water supply system, since a built-in seawater pump comes with the unit. “The built-in pump in the MAXLITE saved me material and labor costs, since I didn’t have to install a separate system. Overall, it was a great fit for my application, and I think other boat owners can benefit from its compact simplicity and ease-of-operation.”

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For more information, contact Saniflo at 1-800-571-8191. Or visit the Saniflo website at

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