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Since 1958, when the first Macerator was created, SFA has never ceased to innovate in order to provide ever more sanitary comfort. Transformation of small spaces into toilets, renovation of bathrooms, creation of laundry rooms are all projects that may raise questions. Evacuate water simply and without major work is the promise of SFA.

In addition to the constraints of the past, there are those of today, specific to a rapidly changing housing sector. In search of space, each square meter is valued, which leads all professionals to face new issues.

With its experience, SFA is able to respond to these issues and today offers many product lines to bring everyone's projects to life.

The SFA product ranges

Perfect for creating full and half bathrooms, everywhere, even major construction.

Add a shower, utility sink or kitchen sink anywhere!.

To be placed above-the-floor for the evacuation of all water from houses, small communities or commercial premises.

The Self Contained Tange are ideal for creating bathrooms in small spaces.

Boiler, AV and HVAC condensate removal solutions.