From your kitchen to the bathroom, Saniflo SFA allows you to add new plumbing anywhere without major work.
All you require is three connections: a water connection, an electrical outlet and sanitary line! Learn how we can help you make you’re a dream project a reality!


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  • 6 Smart Tips when Shopping for an Above-Floor Plumbing System

    Home renovation can be tricky, especially if you want to add a bathroom or kitchen to a part of a home where plumbing doesn't exist. Adding on to basements, attics, garages and unfinished spaces usually requires breaking through concrete or doing a major structural renovation that can compromise a home's structural integrity. However, above-floor plumbing like macerating toilets and drain pumps simplifies home-improvement projects.

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  • SFA Group becomes Gold Partner of the World Toilet Organization

    On the occasion of World Toilet Day 2022, on November 19th, the SFA Group announces that it has become a Gold Partner of the Word Toilet Organization.

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Saniflo SFA offers a wide range of products to meet all of your project's needs. Choose from one of our reliable and trusted macerators, grinder pumps, drain pumps or lifting stations to get the job done! We have the ideal product for any residential or commercial needs!