From your kitchen to the bathroom, Saniflo SFA allows you to add new plumbing anywhere without major work.
All you require is three connections: a water connection, an electrical outlet and sanitary line! Learn how we can help you make you’re a dream project a reality!


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  • Understanding the Value of a Product Warranty

    Saniflo offers a standard two-year warranty for their macerating pump products. But a user who registers their product online can obtain an additional two years of protection. That mean you can get up to 4 years of free warranty! Previously, Saniflo only offered a three-year warranty (2 + 1 year if registered), but decided to extend it another year because of the low aftersales failure rate and minimum issues customers had.

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  • 2022 A year of innovation!

    News , Press releases 03/03/2021 Saniflo USA introduces Sanicom 2 heavy-duty, duplex drain pump to handle high-volume, high-temperature applications Designed for demanding commercial applications, the Sanicom 2 comes equipped with two, 2-HP pumps that together will remove water, grease and corrosive chemicals up to 194°F at a maximum rate of 140 gpm, while offering redundancy to keep businesses operational. Read more News , Press releases 01/27/2021 Saniflo US [...]

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Trade Trusted Products

Saniflo SFA offers a wide range of products to meet all of your project's needs. Choose from one of our reliable and trusted macerators, grinder pumps, drain pumps or lifting stations to get the job done! We have the ideal product for any residential or commercial needs!