Saniflo Case Study: Mignon Residence

Case Studies , News 06/28/2024

Saniflo Case Study: Mignon Residence

Saniflo Case Study: Mignon Residence

Saniflo Case Study: Mignon Residence

Saniflo USA | Mini Case Study | Mignon Residence | March 2024

Homeowner Transforms Unused Mudroom into Fully Functioning Bathroom Using Innovative Above-Floor Plumbing Solution

To avoid costly renovation and the major construction hassles required by conventional below-floor plumbing drainage, Mignon chose to use Saniflo’s Saniaccess 3 macerating pump system to convert his unused mudroom into his dream en-suite.


LONG ISLAND, NY — For the past four years, Jeff Mignon and his family have spent their summers in their Long Island home. As their need for space increased, they decided to enhance their home to better suit their evolving needs.

The original floor plan of the 2600 sq ft home featured just one full bath for the family of four, alongside a half bath designated for guests. Recognizing the need for additional living space, Mignon was eager to transform the downstairs mudroom into a full bath for him and his wife.

Mignon prioritized functionality in envisioning the new bathroom, aiming to incorporate a full shower, toilet, and a spacious vanity. However, he had two crucial stipulations for the project.

First, this was their family’s primary residence, so Mignon was adamant about avoiding the upheaval of living amid ongoing construction. Thus, he sought a solution that promised ease of installation, ensuring minimal disruption to their daily lives.

Second — and related to the first — Mignon was mindful of budget constraints, which is why he aimed to avoid costly excavation work. A traditional plumbing installation would necessitate digging trenches through the garage floor for proper drainage, a process that could incur substantial expense — potentially thousands of dollars.

Mignon reached out to his trusted contractor, Agim Zylaj, to guide him through the project. Detailing the project’s scope, Mignon sought Zylaj’s expertise and inquired about the feasibility of installing the necessary plumbing fixtures.

As an interior design hobbyist, Mignon had long been aware of Saniflo’s innovative above-floor plumbing products. As he researched solutions for his remodeling project, he contacted Saniflo’s representatives for further information. Together, they explored potential solutions that aligned perfectly with his project’s requirements.

“They were my top choice when exploring plumbing solutions for this project,” Mignon emphasizes.

Product Profile: Saniaccess 3

The Saniaccess 3 is a half-horsepower macerator pump system for installing a complete bathroom up to 15 feet below the sewer line or up to 150 feet away from a soil stack. Including a toilet, this above-floor system goes beyond merely macerating toilet waste (black water) by efficiently handling gray water drainage from a nearby sink, bathtub, or shower.

Other Key Features:
  • Low inlets for easy installation
  • Easy dual-access service panels
  • Certified by CSA and listed by IAPMO for nationwide compliance
  • Limited Four Year Warranty


“Since I wanted to avoid an arduous and expensive renovation, I needed a plumbing solution robust enough to accommodate all three fixtures I wanted to install,” Mignon explains. “Saniflo turned out to be the ideal solution because it enables us to navigate the challenges of traditional plumbing and avoid heavy construction.”

Ultimately, Mignon opted for the Saniflo Saniaccess 3 full-bathroom macerating pump, which proved to be the perfect fit, particularly in renovation scenarios where avoiding concrete excavation is preferred. The Saniaccess 3 boasts three inlets designed to accommodate a rear-discharge toilet, sink, and tub or shower, providing the flexibility and functionality needed for Mignon’s bathroom upgrade.

Here’s a breakdown of the Saniaccess 3’s application and installation:

As noted, the Saniaccess 3 is being utilized to incorporate a rear-discharge toilet, sink, and full shower into the first-floor mudroom.

For aesthetic reasons, Mignon opted to position the macerator on the opposite side of the wall in the garage. Mignon intends to construct a box around the unit with easy access to the pump in case any maintenance is necessary. The Saniaccess 3 offers the flexibility to be installed behind the wall, ensuring a seamless and streamlined appearance once the project is completed.

An extension pipe roughed in through the wall connects the macerator box to the toilet on the other side. The sink and shower discharge wastewater into the Saniaccess 3 via two-inch inlets on either side of the unit.


According to Mignon, the installation went smoothly. The simplicity of the process was so remarkable that the contractor was equally impressed by the product’s user-friendliness.

“Agim really enjoyed installing the product,” Mignon reports. “We were both surprised by how quickly the system came together and how straightforward it was to connect the fixtures to the pump. Seeing how he configured the system, it’s so simple that I’m confident I could employ this on my next project.”

The product was successfully installed and became operational in early 2024. Mignon is pleased to report that it is performing exceptionally well.

“Initially we were concerned about how this product would fare under heavy usage,” he says. “Considering this bathroom sees a lot of foot traffic — myself, my wife, my kids, friends, guests — it’s been put to the test. But remarkably, we haven’t experienced any performance issues and the flushing noise level is hardly noticeable.”