Do’s and Don’ts for Proper Installation

Blog , Learn more 04/05/2022

 Do’s and Don’ts for Proper Installation

Installing a Saniflo macerating plumbing system is a relatively straightforward affair – one that can be readily accomplished with a half-day’s work, maybe less. Still, mistakes do happen.

It is a common oversight to disregard the plumbing basics for Saniflo. 

The number-one is not using a ¾-inch pipe in your installation. Saniflo units are designed for the smaller-diameter piping.

The second common error is using a single 90-degree elbow for right-angle turns on discharge piping improper pipe turns. The proper decision would be to use two 45-degree elbows instead of a single 90-degree. And a Y-connection should be used for tapping into the plumbing or sewer stack main drain, not a tee. The wrong elbow can result in backup or flow restriction.

Above-floor plumbing is very similar to standard plumbing, but the technology is different. As a result, the installation procedures are different in many aspects. 

For example, the external pumps (excluding the Sanicompact and Sanicompact Comfort units) is entirely different from conventional plumbing. Therefore, the installer should review the installation guide frequently and follow it to ensure a good installation.

The installation is very basic and the instructions simple to understand, so maybe some people don’t bother to read them.

The step-by-step guide offers helpful reminders to avoid the common missteps that he is most frequently called in to correct.

10 Golden Rules for Installing Saniflo