Saniflo USA | Mini Case Study | Notturno Homes | May 2024

Case Studies 06/18/2024

 Saniflo USA | Mini Case Study | Notturno Homes | May 2024

Saniflo USA | Mini Case Study | Notturno Homes | May 2024

Before offering the new Sanipit GR CB to their customers, Notturno management decided to put the product to the ultimate test in their own shop.


FOXBORO, MA – Notturno Home Services specializes in plumbing, HVAC, and electrical work. Founded by owners Mike and Julia Notturno 17 years ago, the company has grown to employ around 40 people. Its expertise includes service, repairs, replacements, and installations, with a particular focus on basement bathroom installations.

One of the challenges the Notturno Home team frequently encounters is with sewage ejectors, especially older models that have metal tops that are prone to corrosion and lack proper sealing for existing pits. According to co-owner Mike Notturno, they often have to cut out old pits and find new covers due to the difficulty in sourcing suitable replacements for older models.


To address the common issues encountered with traditional sewage ejectors, the Notturno team turned to an innovative new product, thanks to a reputable supplier’s recommendation: the Sanipit 24 GR and Sanipit 24 GR CB, manufactured in France by SFA Saniflo. Upon discovering the Sanipit, the team decided to put it to the ultimate test in their own building.

“We wanted to test Saniflo’s new sewage ejector technology in our building before installing them in customers’ homes,” explains Notturno. “This way, we can evaluate their performance and check for issues before their usage. So far, we’ve had really good luck with its functionality.”

With fixtures including a slop sink, vanity, and toilet draining into the sewage ejector, Notturno Homes installed the Sanipit 24 GR CB for this new installation.

Like its counterpart for retrofit applications, the Sanipit 24 GR, the Sanipit 24 GR CB provides the most reliable and hassle-free grinder pump kit on the market. Both items are fully packaged and pre-assembled with a built-in 1 HP grinder motor, air-pressure mechanism, and an external control and alarm system. But the Sanipit 24 GR CB, which is intended for new installations, also includes a heavy-duty HDPE basin measuring 24 inches in diameter and depth to encase the internals.

Key to the Sanipit solution is its use of short cycling thermo-magnetic motors, a feature already present in existing SFA Saniflo pumps. The Sanipit is equipped with a triple-redundant pressure switch system, each with its own dip tube, designed to make failure nearly impossible. This setup ensures continuous, clog-free wastewater flow, significantly reducing the need for repairs. Designed to meet both specifiers’ and installers’ needs, the Sanipit 24 GR CB package offers unmatched reliability and maintenance-free longevity thanks to this advanced waste-detection system.

Another key differentiator of the Sanipit is the ability to create a dry cavity within the pit. Believe it or not, other pumping systems are designed to sit directly in sewage, making service work an extremely unpleasant chore. SFA Saniflo’s design keeps the components and the motor separate, ensuring a hassle-free and mess-free experience for plumbing installers and service technicians.

“I think if you can prevent anything from sitting in water, it’s a great idea,” says Notturno. “It helps with corrosion and other issues. The product’s serviceability is also an improvement over other alternatives, largely because you’re not always dealing with a pit full of sewage, which can get pretty nasty. The guys won’t complain too much about it if they have to go service one of these.

“After installing the unit in our own building,” he continues, “we quickly learned that the Sanipit solves the challenge of replacing and sealing old sewage ejectors properly, providing new internals for the entire pit, as well as the opportunity for newer technology features such as the alarm and detection system.”


According to Notturno, his in-house team of skilled technicians completed the Sanipit installation without a hitch and quickly came to appreciate the product’s user-friendly features compared with other ejectors in the market.

“Our technicians said the installation went well,” he says, adding: “It was pretty similar to every other sewage ejector install — basic and straightforward, and we didn’t hear any complaints. Our team has installed a lot of Zoeller and Liberty pumps. This was their first Sanipit, but they enjoyed it.”

After a month in operation, the team’s feedback indicated smooth performance without any hiccups, reflecting positively on the product’s reliability and efficiency.

“So far, so good,” Notturno reports. “It’s working well, and we haven’t had any complaints or issues. No news is good news, right?”

Looking ahead, Notturno expressed confidence in recommending the Sanipit to customers, especially in scenarios involving the repair or replacement of existing ejectors. Notturno cites the ease of installation, advanced alarm systems, and, once again, the notable feature of keeping the pump out of the wastewater as significant advantages that could sway end-users towards choosing the Sanipit to meet their plumbing needs.