5 ways to save with Saniflo

Blog 03/01/2021

5 ways to save with Saniflo

The new year is here! What are your resolutions?

How about building a brand-new bathroom?

While this may seem like a pricey and time-consuming process, it certainly does not have to be! Saniflo offers many affordable, above-floor, macerating and drain pump products that can assist you in creating your dream bathroom virtually anywhere, for both residential and commercial applications — all while avoiding the frustrating mess, hassle and expense of a typical remodeling project.

Sound too good to be true? Check out some of our real-life stories describing how Saniflo solutions provided a cost-effective choice for those seeking a new bathroom.

Add a sink to your basement entertainment area

Dane Perkins, Project Manager and Co-owner of GMH Construction (Hartland, WI), had to add a bar sink during a basement-renovation project. Quickly realizing the cost of conventional plumbing would far outweigh the convenience, he searched for a better solution. That search led to the Sanivite. 

Small enough to fit inside a kitchen cabinet, the Sanivite was designed to handle the toughest applications, such as a sink, dishwasher, shower, urinal, and even a washing machine through an indirect connection such as a laundry sink. Choosing Saniflo meant the homeowners saved close to $2,500 and a full day’s labor. “Based on my experience with the Sanivite,” says Perkins, “this solution worked out well. Saniflo truly earned my trust in their above-floor plumbing solution!”

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Build a bathroom in a nontraditional home

A two-person renovation team from Winston-Salem, North Carolina enjoy living together in their tiny home. However, unlike the average American home, tiny homes usually have no connection to a municipal sewer system. With conventional plumbing not possible and a maintenance-intensive composting unit too pricey, the search for an ideal option led the couple to the Sanicompact.

An elegantly styled, one-piece toilet with a built-in macerator, Sanicompact makes installing plumbing a simple task in tight spots — like the spaces in a tiny home. Requiring only an hour for installation, the unit also allows for smaller pipe and fewer fittings, all of which translates to material cost savings.“The macerating toilet was a hot topic for conversation among visitors to our tiny home,” says the couple. “I described it as an off-grid option with a traditional feel.”

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Upgrade your restaurant plumbing

A powerful duo, the combination of the Sanicom 1 and Sanibest Pro was the best choice for Widow Fletcher’s restaurant (New Port Richey, FL) in its recent addition of restrooms and an upgraded bar. The issue: Its riverfront location made conventional plumbing and other remodeling alternatives as impractical as they were cost-prohibitive. A more affordable plumbing solution was needed, one that would pump wastewater coming from the newly added plumbing fixtures eight feet vertically to the existing upstairs plumbing lines.

The renovation team chose three Sanibest Pro grinder systems for the male and female restrooms, plus a Sanicom 1 drain pump to handle three hand-sinks and three tub dishwashing sinks for the bar. The installers explained that the systems were a basic and cost-effective solution to the obstacles faced.

“I felt very comfortable with the cost-versus-benefit comparison,” says the owner. He adds approvingly that installing the three grinders and the drain pump took less than two days.

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DIY a basement half-bathroom

Home-décor and DIY blogger. House flipper. Designer. Home stager. You name it, and Kristine Abram can do it. Building her dream home from the ground up in Crooksville, Ohio, included a basement half-bathroom that, because of the cost, Abrams almost decided against. However, she and her contractor landed upon Saniflo’s Saniaccess 2 and began moving forward with the original plan.

The Saniaccess 2 is a macerator pump system used to install a half-bathroom. Designed to handle black-water waste from a toilet in residential applications, the solution will also discharge gray water from a sink. The wastewater drains into the system via a 1.5-inch inlet. The unit has another side inlet that can be used for the vent.

“You know what the best part is?” Abram says. “The sink hooks right into the same macerating system as the toilet, so there is no need for an extra drain!”

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Install new toilets on your boat

The Marine Science And Nautical Training Academy (MANTA), a non-profit based in Charleston, South Carolina, offers a biology course taught on a seafaring vessel in the Caribbean. But the boat’s four original toilets posed such serious waste-disposal challenges, a cost-effective alternative was sought to accommodate their proper drainage. In addition, the system needed enough pumping power to move that drainage a lengthy distance — vertically — from the heads to a blackwater tank.

To solve this dilemma, MANTA installed a Sanicubic 1 Simplex Grinder System, donated by Saniflo. Shipped fully assembled, the compact, heavy-duty lift station offered a much-improved performance, including the ability to pump 50 gallons of effluent per minute. Meanwhile, an extremely quick and happily uneventful installation “saved us considerable labor costs,” notes MANTA president Rusty Day.

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Questions about adding a bathroom to your latest project? Email sfasales@saniflo.com with details about your installation to learn which products would best meet your residential or commercial needs!