6 Smart Tips when Shopping for an Above-Floor Plumbing System

Blog 12/01/2022

6 Smart Tips when Shopping for an Above-Floor Plumbing System

Home renovation can be tricky, especially if you want to add a bathroom or kitchen to a part of a home where plumbing doesn't exist. Adding on to basements, attics, garages and unfinished spaces usually requires breaking through concrete or doing a major structural renovation that can compromise a home's structural integrity. However, above-floor plumbing like macerating toilets and drain pumps simplifies home-improvement projects.

There are many above-floor toilets and other macerating-technology products on the market today. But not all macerating systems are created equal. If you're planning to add an above-floor plumbing system to your home, here are six things to look for when purchasing a macerating pump system for either a new addition or to replace an existing one.

1.  Quality

Home renovations can be expensive. It may be tempting to opt for cheaper options, but they might cost you more if they break or cause damage to your home. This same principle applies when buying above-floor plumbing systems. While there are cheaper options out there, you'll want to do your research and pick a product that is known for quality.

2.  Manufacturing

Where a product is made can significantly impact its quality. In-house manufacturing means that a company can ensure the highest quality control possible, which isn't guaranteed or easy to verify when manufacturing is outsourced.

Why does this matter? Knowing where your macerating pump comes from can tell you about the quality and reliability of the product. For example, a recognized brand of macerators such as Saniflo is made and assembled entirely in-house in France. These products are shipped to be distributed to the company's headquarters in North America (the United States and Canada) and then sold to professional installers through Saniflo's nationwide distribution partners.

You can rest easy knowing that your macerating toilet or other products have been tightly controlled throughout the production and distribution process.

3.  In-Country Customer Service

Opting for cheaper above-floor plumbing solutions could lead to dealing with a defective product down the line. Your next step would likely be to call the manufacturer's toll-free number to try to sort it out. But what if you're met with customer service based in another country, one that is unhelpful, unreliable, or just plain hard to communicate with? In contrast, communicating with U.S. or Canadianbased customer service agents should ensure quicker responses, more reliable problem-solving and more effective communication. Purchasing from a manufacturer with a North American-based salesforce will also ensure faster, more efficient customer care.

4.  Compliance

It's essential to find out if any plumbing product is made according to U.S. codes and standards, especially when it comes to above-floor plumbing.

A reputable company invests in testing its products to be in compliance with major plumbing codes. This way, the product will be approved to be installed anywhere in the country while safeguarding the customer from any potential issues.

Macerating technology uses a pump powered by electricity, and any electrical product that contacts water is potentially hazardous. You'll want to ensure the product is compliant with safety standards. Otherwise, you could be waiting for an accident to happen.

5.  Warranty

Many above-floor plumbing systems have a product warranty of up to one year only. This can be a problem if the product breaks down or fails down the line, resulting in costly repairs or replacement.

A major brand such as Saniflo offers customers a standard three-year warranty for their macerating pump products. Also, they have offices and multiple warehouses throughout the United States and Canada, ensuring optimal availability and distribution, especially during global supply shortage challenges.

6.  Insurance

As mentioned above, issues can occur with electrical products that come in contact with water. It's crucial that you can insure these products should something occur. Not all brands of macerating pump products can obtain or offer insurance.

To be specific, products should carry some type of third-party certification to vouch for their reliability in protecting property as well as the health and safety of those who use them. Examples of independent laboratories that test for compliance would be "CSA" and "IAPMO."

These nationally recognized laboratories test products to conform with ASME

(American Society of Mechanical Engineers) standards for code compliance in the United States and Canada. Without such certifications, products could likely be deemed unreliable or even unsafe by insurance carriers.

Using these six tips, you can choose the right above-floor macerating pump system that will last for years to come. To learn more about macerating technology and how it can help you with your home renovation dreams, visit Go.Saniflo.com.