It's easy to replace a Saniflo Pump

Blog , Learn more 09/08/2021

It's easy to replace a Saniflo Pump

Existing plumbing rough-ins make upgrading or swapping out an old Saniflo pump a quick and simple process. 

Saniflo overcomes typical limitations in bathroom applications, making installation a breeze. These limitations include obstacles such as space, drainage or location. But did you know that replacing your old Saniflo macerator pump and adding additional features is even easier?

Whether you’re faced with a pump that’s no longer working properly, looking to upgrade to a newer model, or thinking about adding more fixtures, such as a shower or sink, Saniflo has you covered.

Saniflo macerator connections remain consistent, regardless of age

When Ontario homeowner Mark Easter noticed his 15-year-old macerating toilet was constantly running and the reason for foul odors into the basement bathroom area, he knew it was time to investigate. Seeking assistance from Saniflo and local contractor Brunet Plumbing, he discovered that the original, 15-year-old, Saniplus was improperly installed — with a braided supply line and not vented.

The most cost-effective solution was to disconnect and remove the old macerating pump and vitreous china toilet. Brunet Plumbing then prepped the connections on the new Saniaccess 3 macerator and its accompanying, two-piece (tank and bowl) toilet system. After measuring and verifying the placement of the plumbing connections and a slight adjustment due to bowl size, both the pump and the rear-discharge, china toilet were then easily connected to the existing plumbing lines. *If a shower/bathtub was already plumbed into a Saniplus, we never suggest changing to the Saniaccess model because it requires more water pressure to activate it; if the shower/bath platform height was geared to the Saniplus, the customer will notice water accumulating in the base, before the Saniaccess turns on. Not always desirable.

In addition to the new macerator and toilet, Brunet Plumbing replaced the discharge and vent lines to meet code. They removed an electrical conduit and installed wide wrench fittings. To ensure proper waste removal, Brunet Plumbing also set the discharge line higher for additional gravity flow to a three-inch soil stack.

The vent line was routed to the mechanical room upstairs and tied into a stack above flood level to other, existing features on that floor, creating a two-way atmospheric vent. Brunet Plumbing completed the install by testing the new Saniaccess 3 for efficiency. 

In approximately three and a half hours, the plumber had replaced an older, malfunctioning unit with a new, fully functional, up-to-code macerating pump and toilet with upgraded plumbing lines and a new ventilation system. Learn more about the Brunet Plumbing project here.

Rest assured: As homeowners like Mark Easter look to upgrade their macerating systems, Saniflo guarantees their new units will continue to meet the company’s gold standard in reliability and durability. With every upgrade, homeowners are treated to a free bottle of descaler as well.

The ease of replacing Saniflo macerators applies not just to aging units. With the connections already roughed into the home, upgrading your Saniflo system to a more powerful macerating system is also a piece of cake.

Simple solutions for upgrading pumps and adding connections

Take, for instance, the Saniaccess 2. It’s the perfect solution for a half-bath application. With a ½-horsepower pump system, this unit can pump up to 15 feet vertically and 150 feet horizontally. With its 1.5-inch inlet on the side of the pump housing, the unit can also handle gray water from a second fixture, such as a lavatory sink. *Plus it is ‘service-friendly’ with two service panels on the pumps lid.

The efficiency of the Saniaccess 2 is top-notch. But what if you’re looking to renovate your powder room to a full bath? Upgrading to the Saniaccess 3 is the easy solution, the perfect fit for full-bathroom applications.

Featuring the same ½-horsepower pump system as the Saniaccess 2, the unit can handle a third fixture,; e.g., a tub or shower. To aid servicing, the unit is designed with two service panels at the top for quick removal of foreign objects and ready access to electrical components and the unit’s sensing mechanism.

With plumbing already installed from the previous unit, the diameters of the pre-existing discharge line, as well as water supply and inlet connections remain the same, allowing for additional connections to a tub or shower. In addition, the Saniplus, Saniaccess 2, and Saniaccess 3 all contain a 4-inch, rear inlet for a toilet connection. That makes it easy to upgrade or swap out macerating pumps to your Saniflo china.

One-piece Sanicompact transforms bathroom aesthetics

The ease of replacing a Saniflo macerating system does not stop there.

Looking to change the appearance of a tight space? The one-piece Sanicompact — with its self-contained macerator built right into the toilet— will transform that space with its sleek, clean styling, while also leaving more room for other furnishings. The integral macerator also simplifies installation and saves labor by sparing the installer from having to make a separate connection between the toilet and the pump.

The Sanicompact discharges waste nine feet vertically or 120-feet horizontally through one-inch, rigid pipe, using the discharge elbow provided. A built-in non-return valve prevents wastewater from reentering the pump.

Yet another built-in feature is a one-way vent that eliminates the need for an external vent pipe. A 1.25-inch inlet on the back of the unit allows the Sanicompact to handle drainage from a second fixture — usually a sink.

The Sanicompact is equipped with an eco-friendly, dual flush system for the user to choose the amount of water used per flush.

With all of these features built right into the Sanicompact, replacing an existing Saniflo system — two-piece toilet and the macerator — an easy switch. Simply disconnect the old unit and reconnect the existing plumbing to the new unit. *Only if a 1” discharge line already exists is it ‘easy’ to swap the Sanicompact in…

Call 800-571-8191 with details on your installation to find out which products would work best for your macerating system replacement!

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