How do you maintain a Saniflo Pump?

Blog , Learn more 08/10/2020

How do you maintain a Saniflo Pump?

Every SANIFLO macerator pump will give years of trouble-free service if used according to the instructions given, with the first two years being fully guaranteed by Saniflo's automatic warranty.

You can bump that up to 4 years, if you register your product online.

Those instructions to care for your Saniflo include guidelines on regular and appropriate cleaning and other maintenance, leading you to ask the question: ‘what is the best SANIFLO toilet cleaner to use?’

The simple answer is that it’s the specially-formulated Saniflo Cleanser and Descaler produced by Saniflo themselves, and available for purchase in our shop.

Alternatives simply don’t do as a good a job, and can in fact damage the internal operations of the unit.

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For example, regular use of ordinary household bleach or other toilet cleaners will damage the rubber membrane which covers the pressure switch that governs when your SANIFLO macerator unit turns itself on and off.

When the membrane gets damaged, the switch becomes overly sensitive. It means that if you have a wooden floor, for example, even the vibrations from just walking past could trigger the mechanism inside. Likewise, the unit may continue to operate for much longer than necessary even after a flush, until it eventually turns itself off almost at random or else overheats. Neither outcome is good for the continued correct operation of the unit and will instead just lead to the headaches of service call-outs and repair bills.

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Using high acid cleaners like bleach can cause damage to the internal mechanisms in the pump.... Causing other issue arises when attempting to descale and clean the unit.

Descaling and Cleaning must be done regularly in hard water areas in particular.

Again, most supermarket or hardware store off-the-shelf products are unsuitable for Saniflo Toilets, due to chemicals contained and how they interact with the machinery mechanism inside.

SANIFLO Cleanser and Descaler however is based on a formula of ultra-concentrated phosphoric acid, which will not damage rubber components or moving parts. It instead delivers a worry-free, deep clean descaling result, each and every time it is used.