Why Love the Sanicubic Series

Blog 08/03/2022

Why Love the Sanicubic Series

Find out why Professionals prefer out Clog-Free Pump Systems for Commercial Structures

The construction of a commercial project is traditionally an expensive and lengthy project. Building owners and project managers search for any solutions that will spare them valuable time while lessening overall costs. If you find yourself in a similar situation, especially when regarding plumbing drainage, look no further: The perfect commercial plumbing solution is offered by Saniflo!

Our Sanicubic series consists of two types of systems: our Grinder and Vortex systems. Both allow for an easy to install, flexible installation – with clog-free discharge. The difference between the two systems is in the way these pumps handle drainage. Find out below, why these two very different systems are the preferred products for commercial projects.

 Vortex Technology

The Sanicubic 1VX and Sanicubic 2VX are simplex and duplex pump systems specially designed pump with a 1.5-horsepower impeller(s) (Figure 1) to create a vortex action as the effluent enters the pump enclosure. This technology keeps solids away from the impeller as it turns, pushing waste rapidly through the pump and to the discharge pipe. In doing so, the possibility of clogging is substantially reduced.

“The vortex technology of the Sanicubic 1VX and 2VX sets the bar even higher with its ability to handle materials that should not end up in a toilet — foreign objects, small rocks, large pieces of debris, and so forth,” says Regis Saragosti, CEO of Saniflo USA.

Grinder Technology

The Sanicubic 1 and Sanicubic 2 are simplex and duplex pump systems that are designed with 1-horsepower motor(s) and a fast-rotating stainless steel cutting blade. (Figure 2) These two pumps minimize the possibility of clogs by quickly reducing solids in the wastewater streams (from toilets, tubs and showers, sinks, washing machines, dishwashers, etc.) to a slurry that can be pumped away through a 1.5-inch, rigid pipe. With these capabilities, the Sanicubic series is ideal for applications in which the septic tank or sewer line is located either above or at some distance from the structure, or where gravity flow is not sufficient to move the waste.

“In these types of applications, the Sanicubic series offers a simpler, more reliable option than a conventional sewage ejector package,” says Saniflo CEO Regis Saragosti. “There’s no breaking through concrete to bury a storage basin for the waste, with all the hazards that entails. Meanwhile, the high-performance, grinding system of the Sanicubic 1 and Sanicubic 2 can more easily handle the accidental flushing of sanitary articles, such as feminine products, baby wipes, dental floss, condoms, etc.”

Both these systems are designed to be heavy-duty and offers a number of clear-cut advantages over conventional sewage ejection packages.

 Superior Commercial Pump options:

  • No need for expensive excavation: The Sanicubic series requires no below-floor drainage piping: All effluent is pumped upward and horizontally to the sewer line or septic tank. In addition, the system stores no waste, but discharges most of its contents immediately with every activation. As a result, in contrast to a sewage ejection system, there is no need to dig a pit to house a large-diameter tank.
  • Above-the-floor technology eliminates pit installations:Beyond the extra cost in labor and for special excavation equipment, breaking through concrete can compromise the integrity of the structure,” comments Regis Saragosti. “Cracks in the floors a=nd walls can develop, risking seepage and mold problems. The storage tank itself is susceptible to leaks over time, creating odor problems and possible concrete-rot issues. Besides, who wants 50 gallons of waste sitting beneath his or her home?”
  • Easier AND Greater installation flexibility: With sewage ejection, piping runs throughout the building to structure, coming together at the pump. With its multiple inlets, the pump systems offer greater piping-layout flexibility, making it easier to handle multiple fixtures. Not only is installation labor reduced, but because Sanicubics can accommodate smaller-diameter piping, material costs are reduced as well. Furthermore, the Sanicubic series can be installed above (Figure 3)- or below-ground (Figure 4), offering convenience and flexibility.
  • Waterproof enclosure: Both the Sanicubic [Grinder and Vortex Systems] are IP68 rated for possible submergence, which eliminates any potential water damage to internal components. It comes equipped with an external control panel as well as a visual and audible alarm system (contains a 15 ft. long wire).
  • Easy servicing: Featuring easily access [removable] circular service panels on top, the IP68 enclosure permits ready access to every major component inside. The result is easier and much cleaner servicing than conventional, below-floor systems whose maintenance can entail wading into a pit full of waste.
  • Smart Pump Technology: Both the Sanicubic 2 [grinder] and Sanicubic 2VX [vortex] were designed to allow both pumps on the unit to activate simultaneously when the incoming flow rate exceeds that of a single pump. The innovative dual motor, making the Sanicubic 2 and Sanicubic 2VX ideal for restaurants, hotels, laundromats, and other commercial spaces that must cope with large volumes of waste.
  • The innovative dual-motor technology brings not only more pumping power to high-demand commercial applications, but also invaluable redundancy. If one motor requires servicing, the second serves as an essential backup, keeping operations going in the interim.
  • Long Lasting Technology: The two Grinders (inside the Duplex Sanicubic 2) and Vortex impellers (inside the Duplex Sanicubic 2VX) are engineered to operate alternately.  They each take turns handling the wastewater so that neither is more heavily used over time than the other.  However, if either pump ceases to operate, the other pump will run full-time until servicing can eliminate the problem.
  • Lower operational costs: Deters Clogging by discharged through a (1.5")*, (2”)*, or (4”) diameter pipe. *Depends on model*
    • Grinder System: By reducing solids to a slurry, the stainless-steel grinder blade in the Sanicubic 1 + Sanicubic 2 dramatically lessens the possibility of plumbing-line clogs – plus the heavy cost of clearing them – thus minimizing any callbacks. Sewage ejection systems typically do not include a grinder and are therefore more susceptible to blockages as well as to disruptions of their float mechanisms, preventing their storage tanks from ejecting waste in a timely manner.
    • Vortex System: The Sanicubic 2 VX operation is as simple as the installation.  The effluent enters the pump through one of five different inlets – one on either side of the unit at the bottom and three along the top.  The inlets can accommodate 1-1/2” or 4” diameter pipes.  As soon as the wastewater level reaches the trigger point, the pumping system activates.  The effluent is then pumped out through 2” or 4" diameter rigid pipe connected on the top of the pump.  
    • The inside of the Sanicubic 2 VX comprises of a couple of pressure switches and a circuit board assembly, which starts and stops the unit, and of a couple of motors, which drive the Vortex impellers and the pump.  The motors are sealed for life in an oil filled enclosure.  A common spindle/shaft drives each of the impellers.  The moving parts therefore are kept to an absolute minimum.  
  • Control Panel / Alarm: Both the Sanicubic [Grinder and Vortex Systems] employs an internal pressure switch for automatically cycling the unit on and off. The unit also comes equipped with a wired control panel, as well as an external audible and visual LED indicator alarm in the event that a pump experiences overload or ceases to operate.


To summarize: The Sanicubic Series offers a lower overall lifetime cost than a conventional sewage ejection system once the extra expense of floor excavation, the higher cost of plumbing materials and labor, and the increased incidence of maintenance are all factored in.


“A one-horsepower grinder system flexible enough to handle both residential and commercial applications is a genuine breakthrough for our industry,” remarks Regis Saragosti. “Whether we’re talking installation, performance, maintenance or overall affordability -  the Sanicubic Pumps all offer builders, contractors and their customers a truly compelling alternative to conventional sewage ejector packages.”