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Saniflo SFA offers a wide range of products to meet all of your project needs. Choose from one of our reliable and trusted macerators, grinder pumps, drain pumps or commercial systems to get the job done! We have the ideal product for any residential or commercial needs!

Where it is impossible to drain waste water via gravity…Saniflo has got your back! Saniflo SFA products are ideal to pump both gray and black water up and over to the soil stack.

The possibilities are endless: Bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and more! You can use our products to pump waste water upwards from both commercial and residential jobs. SFA is ideal for any situations you name it! Our products can handle a room, a house, group of buildings or commercial premises.

Each project is different and has its own limitations. Find the most suitable answer with Saniflo! 

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Installers or distributors, SFA brings you solutions for your projects, whatever your stage in every stage of development:

  Select Project: You can determine if our products will work for your needs by reaching out to our team by calling our office. You have multiple resources to help you make your decision including: product sheets, technical sheets, booklets and much more!

  Saniflo Product Selector Tool: It allows you to quickly and precisely select a solution according to your configuration and choose the best product for your needs!

  3D Model Files: find all our CAD files, multiple formats are available

  Including: manuals, installation instructions, tutorials and videos to help you complete your project easily.

  After-sales service: Call our Office to reach out technical team. They can answer your questions, help trouble shoot and aid in ordering a spare part.

The tools above are at your disposal, whether you are looking for a simple product sheet, technical data, instructions, videos, or 3D  files for your 3D models... we have it here!

We also invite you to visit our Blog section. There you will find articles illustrating product installations, our latest case studies more! Make the most of our SFA resources!

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