SFA makes its data available to you

Always concerned with providing more to its customers, SFA has chosen Fabdis. You will find all our data:


Names of references, article codes, EAN, dimensions, etc.


Everything about the packaging of our products


Product visuals, in-situ, dimensional diagrams, instructions, etc.


Declaration of performance, etc...


Regularly updated, don't hesitate to download it !

Choosing Fabdis means choosing simplicity, stability and universality for guaranteed treatment efficiency.

Fabdis at the service of professionals

The digitization of the consumer purchasing process requires distributors and suppliers to be able to provide a high level of information on each product in order to accompany these customers through to the act of purchase itself.

Thus, because more and more data is exchanged between suppliers and distributors, Fabdis has been set up in order to facilitate and optimize this flow of information.

Giving visibility to a supplier and its products on merchant sites or member platforms is now an inseparable step in any activity. For this visibility to bear fruit, it is necessary that each supplier provide all the data necessary for each distributor: references, visuals, logistics, regulations, prices, etc ... so that the latter can fully inform the end customer.

Obtaining such a level of information is now possible thanks to Fabdis. Universal format, Fabdis is shared between suppliers and distributors so that the latter can easily and quickly integrate data. The format is unique: a supplier only fills it out once for all their customers, a distributor has only one file format to integrate, regardless of the supplier.

This optimization of data exchanges thus brings a number of advantages to the relationship between suppliers and distributors. In an increasingly short and tense time to market and ever shorter product life cycles, Fabdis guarantees reliable and rapid exchange in order to avoid wasted time and misunderstandings. Reliable in the information given and in the richness of the content, constantly updated. Fast because universal. Used by everyone, it avoids the multiplication of files and thus promotes the speed of exchanges.

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