Common Sewage Ejector Pump Challenges and How to Overcome Them with a Grinder Pump

Blog 04/04/2024

Common Sewage Ejector Pump Challenges and How to Overcome Them with a Grinder Pump

Common Sewer Ejector Pump Challenges and How to Overcome Them with a Grinder Pump

Sewage ejector pumps are an important part of many households' plumbing systems. They are used to 'lift' wastewater from lower elevation fixtures and appliances, like sinks, showers, or laundry rooms, up to the main sewer line. Without an ejector pump, wastewater from lower floors or basements would have no way to drain by gravity alone.

While ejector pumps play an essential role, they are also prone to a number of common problems. Issues like clogs, burnouts, leaks, and more can cause the pump to malfunction. When this occurs, wastewater will back up, and households will be left with no plumbing until repairs are made.

Rather than attempting short-term repairs, many homeowners may find it better to proactively replace an aging or problematic sewage ejector pump with a grinder pump. A grinder pump utilizes sharp blades to macerate solid waste and sanitary products, such as Q-tips, dental floss, sanitary napkins or toilet paper, into smaller pieces, which can be easily transported through smaller-diameter pipes. This makes grinder pumps particularly well-suited for sanitary products, like excess toilet paper, that usually cause blockages in traditional sewage systems.

This article explores the challenges of traditional ejector pumps and how a grinder system can be the perfect alternative; specifically, it explores how the new Saniflo Sanipit 24 GR Retrofit Grinder Pump Kit can answer your plumbing woes.

Common sewage ejector pump challenges

     Frequent clogging and jamming: Sewage ejector pumps move wastewater from lower to higher elevations. In the process, they can encounter solid waste and a potential excess of sanitary napkins or toilet paper that can cause blockages in sewage ejectors. If the pump is not properly equipped or maintained, these blockages can disrupt the flow of wastewater and can result in backups and overflows, causing potential health hazards and property damage.

     Frequent occurrence of system failures: Sewage ejector pumps can experience mechanical issues, such as motor or pump malfunctions, leading to pump failure and ineffective wastewater conveyance. Furthermore, improper installation or sizing of the pump can also contribute to system failures, as it may need more capacity to handle the volume and pressure requirements.

     Frequent repairs with high maintenance costs: Over time, these sewage ejector pumps can become prone to issues such as motor burnout, worn-out seals, or malfunctioning float switches. These problems can result in pump failures, leading to sewage backups and potential health hazards. The costs of frequent repairs, including parts and labor, can quickly add up. Additionally, the inconvenience and disruption caused by repeated breakdowns can be frustrating for homeowners or property managers.

     What is a float switch?: Float switches play a crucial role in controlling the sewage ejector pump’s operation by detecting the water level and activating the pump when it reaches a certain point. However, float switches can become stuck or damaged over time, resulting in improper pump activation or failure to activate altogether. This can lead to sewage backups, flooding, or insufficient pumping capacity.

     Messy Repairs: Traditional sewage ejector pumps can be difficult to repair and may require extensive professional assistance, leading to messy and time-consuming repairs. Complex repairs may even involve digging up floors to access and replace the pump. Furthermore, the mess and unpleasant odors associated with sewage pump repairs can be unpleasant and unhealthy.

What does investing in a new grinder pump provide?

     Improved reliability with fewer malfunctions: Unlike traditional sewage ejector pumps, which may fail if there is a lot of waste build-up from excessive toilet paper or sanitary napkins, grinder pumps have built-in grinding mechanisms. These mechanisms break solid waste into smaller particles, making it easier to pump and preventing clogs and blockages. This feature allows for more efficient and reliable wastewater conveyance.

     Lower lifetime costs from energy and repair savings: The reduced risk of clogs and blockages means fewer pump failures and the need for repairs. This results in cost savings in maintenance and repair expenses over the pump's lifetime. With proper maintenance and regular inspections, a grinder pump can offer consistent performance and reliability, translating into long-term cost savings.

Why you should replace your faulty sewage ejector pump with the Sanipit 24 GR Retrofit Grinder Pump

While faulty sewage pumps continue to pose persistent challenges for plumbing contractors and homeowners, such as high maintenance costs, float issues, and messy repairs, the Saniflo Sanipit 24 GR Retrofit Grinder Pump is a cutting-edge solution designed to address common challenges in sewage ejector pump systems.

The retrofit pump kit offers a built-in 1 HP grinder motor and air pressure mechanism that fits most 24-inch basins. With the ability to retrofit into 24-inch basins from Liberty Pumps, Zoeller, and Myers, the pump kit offers versatility and compatibility with existing pump systems. The current basin stays in place while the Sanipit 24 GRs retrofit cover easily adapts to it.


Here are some key features of the Sanipit 24 GR:

     Thermo-magnetic motors: The key to SFA Saniflo’s solution is using short cycling, thermo-magnetic-type motors, a feature incorporated into existing Saniflo pumps. This design caters to the specific needs of installers. At the same time, a complete package system meets the requirements of engineers and other specifiers, providing superior reliability, redundancy, and a wastewater detection system.

While SFA Saniflo offers a heavy-duty, above-ground pump called the Sanicubic 1, it is not meant to be installed in existing sewage pump basins. By leveraging the benefits and features of the Sanicubic and incorporating them into the new retrofit pump, SFA Saniflo has created the solution that truly meets the needs of installers seeking a “ glove service” — an easily maintainable and replaceable solution without the mess associated with sewage and waste. (See next item.)

     Mess-free replacement: One of the key differentiators of the Sanipit 24 GR is its ability to create a dry cavity within the pit. Unlike other pumping systems that sit directly in sewage, SFA Saniflo’s design keeps the components and the motor separate, ensuring a hassle-free and mess-free experience for plumbing installers and service technicians.


The Sanipit 24 GR is a pre-assembled, heavy-duty retrofit insert that easily fits 24-inch basins and offers easy access for maintaining all major internal components, including the motor, grinder blade, and pressure switches. The unit also has a powerful 1-horsepower motor with a stainless steel grinder blade for residential and commercial applications.

As mentioned, traditional sewage pumps often suffer from frequent clogs, causing significant inconvenience and disruptions to homeowners and plumbing contractors. With the Sanipit 24 GR retrofit pump kit, these clogs are a thing of the past. A built-in grinder motor and an efficient air pressure mechanism ensure smooth and uninterrupted wastewater flow, eliminating the hassle of frequent clogs and costly repairs.

With a fail-proof air pressure switch system with triple redundancy, there will be no frustration in dealing with float issues. A common issue with sewage pumps, the Sanipit 24 GR addresses this problem with its advanced triple-pressure switches, ensuring accurate and reliable control of the pump’s operation. Its superior wastewater detection system delivers a longer life expectancy without any maintenance.



Sewage ejector pumps can encounter various challenges that require attention and solutions. The need for frequent repairs, messy maintenance, float issues, and clogs can disrupt the proper functioning of these pumps, leading to unpleasant odors, potential health hazards, and costly repairs. However, with the introduction of advanced solutions like the Saniflo Sanipit 24 GR Retrofit Grinder Pump, these challenges can be effectively addressed and overcome. Homeowners and property managers can ensure efficient sewage management, minimize disruptions, and maintain a clean and healthy environment by investing in innovative pumps.