Four Smart Marine Plumbing Solutions to Install a Toilet or Sink on Your Boat

Blog 03/07/2023

Four Smart Marine Plumbing Solutions  to Install a Toilet or Sink on Your Boat

As we start to leave behind the cold wrath of winter, we begin to approach the sun and warmth of the summer. For those who live near a body of water, this might mean boating season. If you want to spend an extended period on the water, consider the convenience of a restroom on your boat.

Having a boat with facilities on board requires more care and maintenance, and with a limited waste-holding capacity, there is more potential for clogs.

Saniflo's marine product offering delivers a smart solution, engineered for top performance while using less power and water. With Saniflo's Sanimarin range, you don't have to sacrifice comfort and practicality while on the water. The range includes macerating toilets and drain pump systems for a sink or shower.

Saniflo's Sanimarin Macerating Toilet line allows boat owners to install or replace toilet systems affordably without sacrificing performance. The Sanimarin Drain Pump allows boat owners to install a sink or shower. With easy installation and the ability to place the products atop any finished floor, you can locate your bathroom or kitchen wherever it is convenient on the boat.

Why install a Sanimarin?

      Easy disposal of waste-tank contents: In most countries, all discharge of black water into the sea is prohibited, so your boat must install a black-water holding tank. Since the Sanimarin system can control the quantity of flushing water, it simplifies operation and maintenance.

      Compact and powerful flushing system: With their pumping capabilities, Sanimarin systems can discharge wastewater to a holding tank above or below sea level. These electric units were designed for easy installation and silent operation, ensuring users are always comfortable.

      Less water and electricity usage: Its efficient flushing system keeps water consumption to a minimum while offering the flexibility of using freshwater or seawater. The range's ultra-low electricity consumption is less than 0.2% of the average boat's daily usage.

      Sturdy design with a reliable three-year limited warranty: The Sanimarin range will easily replace hand pump toilets, while providing more features and reliability. In fact, it is just as comfortable as your toilet at home. While most Saniflo products come with a two-year limited warranty, you can gain an additional year when you register your pump online.

Let's dive deeper into the four marine plumbing solutions Saniflo offers:

1.    Sanimarin 4 Electric Marine Macerating Toilet

The Sanimarin 4 is a sturdy, reliable, and comfortable electric marine macerating toilet. The Sanimarin 4 fills the role of a traditional toilet by offering a similar height and comfort as a conventional toilet.

With a soft-close toilet seat and factory-furnished mounting hardware, the Sanimarin 4 is also equipped with a powerful stainless steel macerating blade that reduces the effluent before discharging it through 1-inch or 1.5-inch plastic pipe 10 feet vertically and/or 100 feet horizontally. Included is a control panel with different flushing options.

The Sanimarin 4 is strongly built and reliable, while providing an ideal balance between comfort and practicality.

2.    Sanimarin 31 Electric Marine Macerating Toilet

The low-profile Sanimarin 31 offers a simple answer to any lack of space on board. This sleek, lightweight solution is ideal for all types of boats, while its modern and lightweight design with a contemporary finish ensures quiet operation.

The Sanimarin 31 shares a number of features with the Sanimarin 4: It also discharges effluent 10 feet vertically and/or 100 feet horizontally through a 1-inch or 1.5-inch plastic pipe. In addition, the Sanimarin 31 has a powerful stainless steel macerating blade, a soft-close toilet seat with mounting hardware, and a control panel with different flushing options.

3.    Sanimarin Electric Marine Drain Pump

The electric Sanimarin Pump makes it easy to remove gray water quickly from shower or sink installations on the boat. This compact marine drain pump features two lower inlets for installation flexibility, and it discharges effluent 12 feet vertically and/or 120 feet horizontally with 0.75-inch or 1-inch plastic pipe.

Simple and easy to install, the Sanimarin drain pump allows you to install a small kitchen sink and a complete bathroom with a shower on your boat for overnight trips.

4.    Sanimarin MaxLite+ Electric Marine Macerating Toilet

The Sanimarin Maxlite+ electric marine macerating toilet offers a simple, lightweight-plastic design that easily replaces old hand pump toilets. There is a reversible motor/pump for right or left-hand installations.

The Sanimarin Maxlite+ is an ultra-light, eco-friendly pump system, providing flexibility in your installation, as the toilet and black water tank can be located several feet away. Water and electrical consumption is minimal with this solidly built and environmentally friendly system that features one of the quietest electric toilets on the market.

Like the other macerators in the Sanimarin range, the Sanimarin Maxlite+ incorporates the same macerating system originally developed by Saniflo more than 60 years ago and found throughout the world today.

Thanks to Saniflo’s Sanimarin products, you can enjoy the boating season without worrying about potential plumbing issues on your boat. Check out the entire Sanimarin range to see which suits your boat's needs best.