Indiana Plumbing Contractor Solves Conventional Sewage Ejector Challenges with New and Unique Retrofit Pump Kit

Case Studies 05/06/2024

Indiana Plumbing Contractor Solves Conventional Sewage Ejector Challenges with New and Unique Retrofit Pump Kit

FISHERS, INDIANA — In the world of plumbing, finding innovative solutions to common challenges is essential for both homeowners and contractors alike. One such challenge is the installation and maintenance of sewage ejectors. These systems are crucial for managing waste in homes and commercial buildings, but often suffer performance, installation, and repair issues. 

But Dominick Rudd, a skilled and seasoned plumber at Bush Plumbing, located just outside Indianapolis, has found a solution in SFA Saniflo’s new Sanipit 24GR retrofit pump kit. With its innovative features and benefits, this unique product provides a reliable and hassle-free solution to replace faulty sewage pumps.

Addressing Common Sewage Ejector Challenges 

Asked about the types of projects he typically pursues, Rudd mentions a diverse range, including sump pump installations, faucet replacements, bathroom and kitchen remodels, and, of course, sewer ejector replacements. As this veteran plumber knows, ejectors pose unique challenges for homeowners and contractors, affecting installation, performance, and repair. 

These challenges include high maintenance costs, float issues, messy repairs, and frequent nasty clogs that can disrupt daily life. Additionally, repairing or replacing sewage ejectors often requires considerable time and effort.

According to Rudd, the age of the pump is often the main factor contributing to issues. “Typically, pumps last between six to ten years,” he says. “At that point, the age of the pump can simply cause it to stop working or make it perform poorly.”

Aside from age, Rudd says the frequency of use is also a factor, especially in basement bathrooms where pumps are installed but used less often. 

“Pumps that sit idle can rust or experience damage due to underuse or misuse,” he explains. On the other hand, he notes that regularly used pumps can still encounter problems from improper usage, such as flushing oversized, foreign objects down the toilet. 

“For example, we’ve dealt with instances where kids and adults have flushed popsicle sticks, toys, feminine products, or excessive amounts of toilet paper or ‘flushable’ wipes down the toilet.” 

“Most people are unaware that these products can’t be used with all sewage systems, which is why a lack of knowledge among consumers is a common cause of pump failure,” Rudd adds.

Foreign objects like a rag or paper towel can unexpectedly get stuck and cause the pump to fail. Some models may suffer float failures because they have satellite floats with a small metal ball that needs to make contact with two points to allow power to flow through.

Unreliable performance can lead to potential hazards, such as backed-up sewage and unpleasant odors, compromising the comfort and well-being of residents. 

Rudd’s Application of the Sanipit 24GR Retrofit Pump Kit

Rudd has embraced the Sanipit 24GR retrofit pump kit to overcome the challenges encountered with sewage ejectors. Having installed a Sanipit 24GR on a recent project in nearby Carmel, Rudd commends the product’s versatility and compatibility. 

The retrofit pump kit seamlessly fits into existing 24-inch basins from leading manufacturers such as Liberty Pumps, Zoeller, and Myers, eliminating the need for extensive plumbing modifications. “By keeping the current basin in place and adapting the retrofit cover, the installation process is simplified and time-efficient,” he says. 

“When it comes to preventive maintenance while the current pump is still functioning, and we need to clear the pit and replace it, I recommend the Sanipit. The simplicity of installation is incredibly appealing. I can simply drop the Sanipit in, bolt it down, and connect the necessary components from the top.” 

According to Rudd, servicing is convenient as long as the pit is functioning properly and there are no backups. 

“If I need to change the pressure switches or perform any other maintenance tasks, it’s a breeze,” he says. “I simply remove the necessary bolts or components, unplug the device, plug in the new one, and it’s done. The whole process takes no more than 10 minutes.”

Rudd singles out for special praise the dry cavity design of the Sanipit 24GR: 

“This design keeps the components and motor separate from the sewage, making installation and maintenance easier,” he notes, adding: “The built-in 1-horsepower grinder motor is a powerhouse. It grinds up waste, preventing frequent clogs that used to cause headaches for our customers.”  

The pump’s design ensures optimal performance, effectively handling foreign objects and preventing clogs that can lead to extensive damage.

Rudd says he appreciates the Sanipit’s easy access points, which allow him to inspect and maintain major internal components without difficulty, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency. “The hassle-free maintenance helps us provide better customer service,” he remarks. 

Rudd also emphasizes the anticipated durability of the Sanipit 24GR, noting that its projected long lifespan should nonetheless require minimal maintenance. The payoff? Homeowners will be spared frequent repairs and replacements, providing peace of mind and reduced long-term costs. 

Major Benefits for Homeowners and Contractors

By incorporating the Sanipit 24GR retrofit pump kit into his projects, Rudd is poised to overcome the common challenges associated with sewage ejectors across North America. 

For homeowners, the enhanced performance, reliability, and ease of use translate to an improved living experience with fewer risks. 

Meanwhile, contractors like Rudd benefit from simplified installations, reduced maintenance requirements, and the ability to offer cost-effective solutions to their clients.

Notably, the Sanipit 24GR retrofit pump kit aligns perfectly with Bush Plumbing’s commitment to providing its customers with top-notch service and innovative solutions. By leveraging the kit’s features and benefits, Rudd and the Bush team deliver value to their clients, enhancing their reputation as trusted experts in the plumbing industry.

With a four-year warranty, Homeowners can now enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their waste management systems are dependable and efficient. At the same time, contractors like Rudd have found a cost-effective, reliable replacement solution that streamlines their work and enhances their professionalism.