It's easy to replace a Saniflo Toilet

Blog , Learn more 09/08/2021

It's easy to replace a Saniflo Toilet

Saniflo’s macerating and grinder toilet systems come fully assembled and equipped with all the necessary components to make replacement even simpler and faster than the original installation.

Installing a Saniflo macerating or grinder plumbing system is a relatively straightforward affair – one that can be readily accomplished with a half-day's work, maybe less.

Similarly, Saniflo’s above-floor plumbing technology makes replacing an older Saniflo toilet even simpler than the original installation.

But why would you opt to replace the toilet already connected to your Saniflo macerator or grinder? There are various reasons:


      The vitreous china toilet bowl is chipped and needs to be replaced. If it’s a major crack or a crack to any part of the toilet that handles water or waste, we highly recommend replacing the toilet.

      You may be concerned about saving water. Older toilets can use up to 3.6 gallons per flush (GPF). New federal law now dictates that new toilets can only use up to 1.6 GPF (WaterSense is the EnergyStar for water-use devices).

      Those who are tall or simply getting on in age may be considering a comfort height toilet. ADA compliant toilets make sitting and standing easier and are useful for those looking to update their appliances to fit their needs.

      You may simply want to replace it due to discoloration or if the toilet seat lid is loose.

      *fill and flush valves may no longer be available for older toilets


Saniflo's vitreous china toilets can connect to both current and outdated Saniflo pumps

Saniflo offers two-piece toilet systems that are available to purchase separately. The toilets are designed with a high gloss finish for an easy-to-clean surface. It’s easy to replace your old toilet with Saniflo’s modern skirted bowl for a fresh new look. Saniflo’s high efficiency toilets use 1.28 gallons/ 4.8 liters per flush, and are recognized by the EPA’s water-saving WaterSense program. These ADA-compliant, floor-mounted, rear discharge toilets come already assembled and equipped with all the necessary hardware to complete the replacement. You have the option to go with either the two- piece round toilet system or the two-piece elongated toilet system.


The systems include:

      Vitreous china water closet: Insulated toilet tank and toilet bowl

      An integral P-trap and a rear outlet spigot

      Large, three-inch trapway

      Set of lag screws, plastic anchors, and china protectors

If you have a concealed pump, you should also have an existing Extension Pipe that connects the water closet to the macerator or grinder pump behind the wall. The 18-inch extension pipe was designed to reduce time when installing Saniflo pumps. It has an inner gasket that connects to the rear spigot of the toilet without any difficulty.

You can easily connect your replacement toilet to the existing extension pipe via the toilet's rear spigot. Or you might opt to replace the extension pipe altogether. This accessory can be used with the Saniaccess 2, Saniaccess 3Saniplus or Sanibest Pro external units. *using extension pipe can speed-up repairs as pump is no longer confined behind the toilet bowl and under the toilet tank.

When replacing your old toilet, attach the new toilet to the macerator pump (or to the Extension Pipe for concealed pumps) and secure the toilet to the floor with the provided screws and plastic anchors.

Modernize with the Sanicompact

Alternatively, you might even consider replacing your old Saniflo toilet with a more contemporary-looking, one-piece fixture, such as the Sanicompact, a self-contained macerating toilet. By “self-contained,” we mean the macerator/pump is built into the vitreous china toilet bowl to create a single, highly compact unit.

A bonus feature is that the Sanicompact uses a minimum amount of water. The standard, dual-flush version uses only 1.28 gallons/4.8 liters per flush. The dual-flush feature, of course, allows the Sanicompact  to use less water than a regular toilet, but with the same high efficiency.

You might be thinking: Replacing the toilet is fine, but what about my existing macerator pump behind it?

Well, while you are swapping out the toilet, it is just as easy to remove the pump too and install a new macerator system, such as the SanicompactSaniaccess 2, Saniaccess 3, or Saniplus; or perhaps a heavier-duty grinder system, the Sanibest Pro. That’s because existing plumbing rough-ins make upgrading or swapping out an old Saniflo pump easy.

Click here to learn more about how to replace your old macerator system, or watch this video of Brunet Plumbing replacing a 15-year-old macerator. 

Replacing your old or out-of-style Saniflo toilet is easy. Saniflo's complete toilet system comes with everything needed for installation, including a stylish soft-close toilet seat.

Call 800-571-8191 with details on your installation to find out which products would work best for your toilet replacement!