Lift System includes a clog-reducing vortex impeller to handle up to 2-inch solids

News , Press releases 05/29/2019

Lift System includes a clog-reducing vortex impeller to handle up to 2-inch solids

“The Sanicubic 2VX model extends our Sanicubic offering in innovative ways that give contractors and facility managers a fuller range of products to meet an equally wide range of heavy-duty applications, residential and commercial,” says Regis Saragosti, CEO of Saniflo USA.

Powerful vortex technology

The difference between the two new station and its predecessor, Sanicubic 2, can be seen in the way their pumps handle drainage.

The Sanicubic 2 uses a heavy-duty, stainless-steel blade to grind up waste and sanitary products, pumping them to a sewer line or septic tank as a fine slurry.

The Sanicubic 2VX uses a specially designed pump impeller to create a vortex action as the effluent enters the lift station enclosure. This technology keeps solids away from the impeller as it turns, pushing waste rapidly through the pump and to the discharge pipe. In doing so, the possibility of clogging is substantially reduced.

250 GPM flow rate

The maximum height the duplex pump can discharge is 36 feet, using a two-inch diameter pipe; and 20 feet, using a four-inch pipe. Flow rates vary, depending on the discharge-pipe diameter and the application’s elevation head, but can achieve 26 gallons per minute (gpm) at 36 feet of head with a two-inch pipe and one motor operating; to 250 gpm at 3 feet of head with a four-inch pipe and both motors operating. The system is designed to work with either a municipal sewer system or a septic tank. The durable, waterproof enclosure meets IP68 standard, making it possible for the system to remain fully operational when submerged in water.

Dimensions for the Sanicubic 2VX (capacity: 31.7 gallons) are 36 inches wide, 28 inches deep, and 29-5/8 inches high. 

“White-glove” servicing

Featuring easily removable circular panels on top, the IP68 enclosure permits ready access to every major component inside. The result is easier and much cleaner servicing than conventional, below-floor systems whose maintenance can entail wading into a pit full of waste.

The Sanicubic 2VX employs an internal air pressure switch for automatically cycling the unit on and off. The unit also comes equipped with a wired control panel, as well as an external audible and visual LED indicator alarm in the event that a pump experiences overload or ceases to operate.

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