New Jersey family uses highly compact drain pump to bring their dream basement wet bar to life — quickly and affordably

Case Studies 07/22/2023

New Jersey family uses highly compact drain pump to bring their dream basement wet bar to life — quickly and affordably

The Comer family chose Saniflo’s Saniswift Pro to incorporate a bar sink within a fully functioning wet bar, used for entertaining in a newly remodeled basement.


MOUNT OLIVE, NEW JERSEY — Creating an area to relax and socialize with loved ones is a common aspiration for homeowners. Whether it’s a basement, garage, patio, or spare room, constructing a home bar can be an enjoyable, do-it-yourself endeavor. Not only will it bring years of delight, but it will also become the hub for various celebrations and get-togethers.

For New Jersey residents Katie and Patrick Comer, the unfinished basement of their Mount Olive home had the potential for a makeover. The Comers’ vision for their basement revolved around hosting get-togethers for family and friends, with the focal point being a fully functional wet bar. As with any home renovation, finding avenues for cost savings was the main driver for the project.

Luckily, Katie Comer’s father is a New York City-based carpenter, and her brother, John Glass, is a Business Development Manager for SFA Saniflo Inc. Both could provide a wealth of knowledge and cost savings right off the bat.

“Rather than spending over twenty thousand dollars to have a contractor scope out this project, we could use my father’s hands-on experience in carpentry and my brother’s knowledge of the plumbing industry to create our dream basement,” explains Katie Comer. “It’s the ultimate DIY project, utilizing industry experts.”

The Comer’s dream of a wet bar included access to a fully functioning bar sink. With the basement floor below the home’s existing sewer line, wastewater coming from the bar sink would have to be discharged vertically, up into the home’s plumbing drainage. The traditional method of trenching a below-floor line to connect eventually to the closest sewer access would have required outsourcing the project to a contractor — increasing costs significantly.

In addition, the area for the bar is compact. The cabinet to house the sink would sit at 24-inches, requiring a smaller-sized sink, which in turn begged for an equally compact drainage solution. With hopes of using the cabinet for additional storage space, the Comers leaned on Glass’ expertise in Saniflo products.


For Glass, the solution was simple. “They were looking for something compact, quiet, and efficient, and the Saniswift Pro drain pump was the first thing to come to mind,” says Glass.

Perfect for residential and commercial applications, the Saniswift Pro is a heavy-duty gray water drain pump that can discharge wastewater 14-feet vertically and or 140-feet horizontally. The unit’s lower profile allows space-saving benefits and easy installation in hard-to-reach spaces.

Although the Saniswift Pro can accept and discharge wastewater from other sanitary fixtures, the Comers use the unit solely for the bar sink. The 1-inch discharge pipe is connected to the top inlet and runs 7-feet vertically. It then discharges 2-feet horizontally into the main sewage access.

The use of the top inlet, along with the Saniswift Pro’s compact design, provides ample room around the pump for storage of cleaning products and bar utensils within the tight space of the cabinet. In addition, the sink was vented through the side of the house and connected to the existing vent screen using the vent connection on the unit lid.

With the Saniswift Pro, activation occurs when the wastewater enters the unit, triggering a pressure switch that starts the motor. The motor quietly drives the pump and is permanently sealed in an oil-filled enclosure.

Once the wastewater is discharged, the water level within the unit goes down. The pressure switch is then deactivated until wastewater enters again. The normal operating cycle generally runs between 2-10 seconds, keeping power consumption at a minimum.


After approximately a day to install the product, the Saniswift Pro has exceeded the Comer family’s expectations. They’ve hosted a few gatherings, with the bar sink used approximately once a week with zero hiccups.

“Bringing the vision of my dream basement to life has been a wonderful experience,” says Comer. “Not only is the bar fully functional, it’s aesthetically pleasing, and we didn’t have to break the bank to make our vision a reality.”



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