New Jersey Plumber Builds Outdoor Kitchen with Above-Ground Drainage Featuring Compact, but Powerful Gray Water Pump

Case Studies 01/25/2023

New Jersey Plumber Builds Outdoor Kitchen with Above-Ground Drainage Featuring Compact, but Powerful Gray Water Pump

Licensed plumbing contractor Christopher Gonzalez chooses Saniflo’s Saniswift Pro drain pump to provide drainage for the homeowner’s outdoor sink and dishwasher.


MONTCLAIR, NEW JERSEY — An outdoor entertainment space is a great addition that can not only provide a fun and convenient venue to host friends and family, but also boost the value of your home when it comes time to sell.

On a recent project, licensed plumber Christopher Gonzalez had been working with a homeowner who wanted just that, an outdoor kitchen where they can entertain others in their backyard.

Gonzalez is the owner and operator of Artifex, a plumbing company that serves the residents of northern New Jersey. With over 20 years of industry experience, Gonzalez works on a wide variety of residential projects, including renovations and additions, as well as heating and cooling install and service work.

Installing an outdoor kitchen is a significant investment that requires careful planning and coordinating. The outdoor space in Montclair is an L-shaped, island countertop that features a grill, smoker, kitchen sink, dishwasher, and a wine fridge. Gonzalez had to make sure the layout aligned smoothly with the locations of the utilities. “Knowing the location of the outdoor kitchen beforehand made installing the utility line a lot easier,” he says.

Gonzalez also wanted to make sure the kitchen could withstand the harsh winters of New Jersey, so he sought a durable pump that could be hidden underneath the sink and easily disconnected once it came time to winterize the space. Without having to break through the concrete that was already set, Gonzalez needed an above-floor plumbing solution that could provide the proper drainage for the sink and dishwasher.


Since Gonzalez was looking for a pump with a compact design that could be discreetly concealed beneath the sink, Saniflo’s technical team recommended the Saniswift Pro.

Measuring 9-3/4” x 12-1/4” x 11-1/4”, the unit can discharge effluent up to 14 feet vertically and/or 140 feet horizontally from as many as three gray water fixtures; e.g., sink and dishwasher, as was the case for this Montclair project, or even a washing machine (via a laundry sink). For Gonzalez, the discharge pipe had to run a mere 10 feet to the house where it is ties into the mainline.

The top of the Saniswift Pro also has two inlets, each measuring 1.5 inches, for connecting the unit to a venting system, as required by local plumbing codes. Because this was an outdoor application, the vent was open to atmosphere.

“By using the above-the-floor drain pump, there was significant cost and time savings, since we didn’t have to dig and install outdoor plumbing,” says Christopher.

The installer-friendly design also features a pair of two-inch inlets with time-saving, built-in check valves, one on either side of the unit. These side inlets are positioned lower than those found on conventional drain pumps, further easing installation.

The unit’s drain-water detection and removal sequence is engineered to extend the overall lifecycle of the pump. Meanwhile, immediate removal of the waste helps eliminate unwanted odors.

How it works: When gray water from the sink or dishwasher enters the Saniswift Pro, a pressure switch activates the pump motor, which is sealed for life in an oil-filled enclosure. A spindle/shaft drives the pump impeller, helping to keep the moving parts to a minimum.

Once the water is discharged so that the water level in the container drops, the pressure switch deactivates the unit — until the next time drainage enters the unit. A normal operating cycle for the Saniswift Pro is between two and 10 seconds, depending upon the discharge pipe run configuration. As a result, power consumption is therefore minimal.

If the system needs servicing, it can be done without disconnecting any piping to the unit. The top cover has two removable screws providing ready access to the main components inside, including electrical components, the motor and impeller. When it comes time to winterize the kitchen, the pump can be easily disconnected and brought inside.


According to Gonzalez, the entire installation, including running the drain piping from the fixtures, took about three hours. From previous experience installing Saniflo products, he says he’s confident that the homeowner will enjoy their outdoor kitchen.

“The space came together beautifully and using the Saniswift Pro pump made the project come together smoothly,” he explains. “The homeowner is going to have a great space to gather with family and friends come summertime.”



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