What is an Upflush Toilet? How it Saves Time & Money on your Renovation?

Blog , Learn more 01/05/2021

What is an Upflush Toilet? How it Saves Time & Money on your Renovation?

Nowadays, everyone is trying to find ways to improve and simplify their lives. From work to home and in between, there is always something that can be used to make life easier.

Did you know that on average, people spend over 45 hours on the toilet each year? Even more so during lockdown, when time spent on the toilet increased by 8.3 minutes each day. The survey commissioned by Homecure Plumbers also shows that “… the time spent on the toilet is no longer just function but another form of leisure time”.

If so much time is spent in the bathroom and on the toilet, why not add another one to you home? No more fighting for the bathroom in the morning. There are many types of toilets to fit even the most selective users.

Take for example, the Upflush toilets. As the name points out, these toilets, unlike the standard fixture ones, discharge the waste upwards, through a narrow pipe. Therefore, with Saniflo systems there is no need to worry about breaking the floor or do any major reno’s, as it can be installed on top of a finished floor.

The main component of the Upflush toilets is a macerating or a grinding pump. This shreds or grinds toilet waste, which in return is flushed and sent upwards through a narrow pipe and to the sewage system and/or a septic tank.

These pumps have heavy-duty stainless-steel blades that liquefy waste and other sanitaryturning them into a fine slurry that is pumped into a sanitary sewer. This technology reduces clogging and makes sure that waste is properly evacuated in one flush.

Let us take a closer look at how the Upflush system works:

1.     When the toilet is flushed, the water level rises, and the macerator grinder pump motor turns on automatically.

2.     The blades driven by the motor, macerates/grinds the contents into tiny particles in 3 or 4 seconds.

3.     The finely ground particles are pumped through a standard pipe, just ¾ or 1 in in diameter.

4.     The tank is now empty (apart from the water seal) and the system is ready for use again. 

Now that you know what an Upflush toilet is, let us see where it can be used.


Due to the simplicity of this type of toilet system, it can be installed virtually anywhere, with minimum equipment. It only needs a water supply, a small discharge pipe, sanitary sewer inlet and an electricity source. Thus, there is no need to break up walls and floors to install a new bathroom, it can be put in in one day and with none of the costs of a traditional bathroom construction. Can you imagine, having the bathroom you were always imagining, in only two days? Even online shopping does not deliver this fast.

You know you need another bathroom; you already know where and how you want it, like that big corner whirlpool tub you always envisioned. Or maybe, you have not quite figured if it would be best suited upstairs or downstairs. Whether you want a tub or a shower, or maybe just a powder room for guests. Not to mention, that adding another washroom to your home increases its value. Did you know you can use quite a few spaces in your house that you wouldn’t have thought about? With the Upflush toilet system, you can think outside the box and add a bathroom in the closet, the garage, your basement and even under the staircase.


Regardless of where you want to install a bathroom or how you would like it to look, with the Upflush toilet technology, you now can. With a variety of toilet-pump systems to choose from, you are one step closer to installing the bathroom of your dreams, wherever you need it.

For more information, tips on installation and how to care for your Upflush Toilet, visit Saniflo.ca or check out our social platforms.

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